News from Principal Martin

News from Mr. Martin

News for October 25, 2020

I hope everyone had a good virtual experience with conferences. It was strange not having people in the building or having face to face conversations, but I’m thankful you could connect with your child’s teacher and make the best of it. Thank you PTA for providing meals for teachers and staff.

I hope you received and read the district’s message about COVID numbers increasing and the potential impact on schools We don’t anticipate any decisions before Oct. 30th, but will communicate next week our potential plans. 

Picture Retakes are Thursday, October 29th from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Please see the attached flyer for more information.  Picture Retake Flyer 2020.pdf 

If you have any unexpired BoxTop clips, please send them to school with your student by Thursday, October 29th. The physical BoxTop clips are being phased out, but you can still earn money for our school by downloading the app from It’s simple to scan your receipts after shopping and the school will automatically receive money for all of your qualifying purchases. Thank you for your support!

Jeffco has put together a breakdown of the upcoming ballot measures. Check it out.

We’ve also put together some guidelines around our response to different situations and student absences.

Marshdale guidelines for in-person students needing to access remote learning when absent

Please review these new guidelines for in-person students needing to access remote learning during an absence.


  • If you are aware your child has symptoms of illness before the school day begins, please call your student in “sick” by using the attendance line at 303-982-5150. The student will receive an excused absence due to illness. The student will not participate in remote learning.
  • If a child goes home sick during the middle of a school day, they will not be able to participate in remote learning when they get home that day.

Covid-symptoms and Quarantine 

  • The first day of a child's absence is considered a "sick day" even if it is for minor symptoms. If parents know their child will be absent for more than one day and the child is well enough to access remote learning the next day, they should notify the teacher by 3:00 pm of the day prior to requesting remote access.
  • If the parent does not contact the child's teacher by 3:00pm on the first day of an absence, the child may not be able to access remote learning (asynchronous) on the second day, etc…
  •  Do not expect daily feedback or contact during this period as teachers are responsible for classroom learning. 
  • During the 1st week of remote learning you should expect your child’s teacher to connect with you via email or phone. Your child will participate in asynchronous lessons during the 1st week. 
  • During the 2nd week, your child will be expected to engage with all asynchronous lessons assigned and 1 synchronous check in (morning meeting, small group). Materials may need to be picked up which will be coordinated with you and your child’s teacher. 


  • If a family chooses to take a family trip, students will not participate in remote learning. We want you to have fun!

Absences for remote students

  • If a child who is a remote learner is sick or has an appointment, parents must call the attendance line and email the teacher to access missed work and document the absence.


  • Students who are absent have two days to make up work, for each day they are absent.