Hug and Go Procedure

Hug n Go Procedures

Updated: Fall 2017

Hug and Go map

With the growth of Marshdale this year we have modified our Hug n Go procedures to accommodate the new cars and increase the safety for our students. Please refer to the above procedure diagram of the new pick up line routing.


Parents may still park in the lower lot and walk up to pick up your child. Please park in the blue shaded area on the map and only cross the hug n go line at the front of the hug n go line (shaded in yellow). For safety do not cross in between cars that are in the line.  If you park in the lower lots please exit the parking lot from the lower lot entrances, as shown by the black arrows. Please do not park or drive around to the top lot as this will help reduce the number of vehicles in the loading zone area.   


For the hug n go line, vehicles will still enter the same way into the bottom lot and exit from the top lot. However where you once made a right turn to the upper lot around at the porta-potty, you will now make a slight left into the west lot located on the north side of the ball fields (Follow the red arrows). Please note that in order to accommodate the other vehicles in this turn around, vehicles should remain as far to the left as possible. Please make the turn around at the last cone on the far west end of the lot.  Cars will then simply follow the line through pick up and then exit onto Ocelot Trail.