Math Olympians win gold!

4th and 5th Grade math wizards

Remote Learning took on a new dimension for some fourth and fifth grade students at Marshdale Elementary on April 30.  These students committed to extra math practice to prepare for the online Math Olympics, Division 5 Championships which had participants from Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado.  With just two weeks to practice, their dedication proved fruitful as they won First Place in team honors!  Individual honors went to Avery Schroeder for being the top fifth grade scorer and fourth grader Alex Haydon for being the second high scorer overall.  Avery and Alex also earned spots to compete in the National online Math Olympics this summer (date TBD).  Students competing in the Math Olympics included: Finnegan Webster, Emelia Brooks, Alex Ward, Carl Ward, Makenna Moore, Olivia Files, Brodie Masciangelo, Alex Haydon, and Avery Schroeder.

The demanding and difficult math competition lasted nearly three hours. Alex Haydon and Avery Schroeder qualified for the exciting and nerve wracking CountDown which was a head-to-head elimination competition.  As a remote learning event, the entire competition was completed in a Zoom Room format.  Thank you to all of the parents that helped to make this happen, and to PTA for providing the entrance fee.  We couldn’t have had this wonderful experience without you.  The Math Olympics was offered by